Alignment and Roller Jigs

Alignment jigs are used for number plate assembly, its where our media components are joined and bonded together.
We provide three jigs to choose between, an economy version, a guided version and a premium jig which comes with a height adjustable roller.

Picture of the economy jig and roller

Economy Jig - NC113

Our economy lining and laminating jig has guide pins along one side to help align media and a quality fixed roller capable of taking media 210mm wide.

Although this is the economy version, its the standard jig used in the number plate industry.

Image showing the guided jig and roller

Guided Jig - NC111

The guided jig is constructed from metal and is perfect for novice users, its side guides help align media before it is fed into the rollers. This combination of features provide users with an accurate means of assembling number plates and sign media.

This jig is capable of taking media components up to 240mm wide.

Image shows our premium jig with its adjustable rollers

Premium Jig - NC108

The premium jig helps the experienced user to create number plates quickly and accurately time after time.

It's high lining pins and a heavy duty, height adjustable roller make this an accurate means of manufacturing batches of number plates.

Our Jig Range

Number Plate and Sign Media

Our systems and software have been designed to perform best when used with our own range of media and with genuine printer toners.
Our media systems, feature components that include printable film, rigid reflective plates, clear acrylic panels and printable reflective sheets.

Media - Part Systems