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Number Plate or Showroom Plate & Sign Solutions

Laser Graphics Systems

We create products help our customers to design and produce road legal number plates, vehicle show plates or create signs.
We provide simple but effective solutions to number plate production along with friendly post sale support.

In these pages you will find our number plate and signs related products, new complete systems and our media range now sorted by is size.
Our creation and design software can streamline number plate production and we provide a range of jigs to assemble the components.

Showing LG Signs software running on a laptop
Number Plate Software

LG Plates is our UK road legal number plate design and production software. It offers a user friendly solution that integrates perfectly with our media and modified printers.

A representation showing multiple elements froming a whole design
Showroom Plates and Bespoke Signs

LG Signs is our enhanced software aimed at producing showplates and signs, LG Signs is bundled along with our number plate software. Combine and manipulate multiple elements, including images, text and fonts, to create design.

The components of our complete number plate system
Number Plate Production Systems

We offer a range of systems and kits, aimed the production of UK road legal number plates or creating vehicle showplates and signs. Our complete systems include laptops pre-installed with our software and an operating system along with a printer modified to print on our range of media.

An array of our plate media
Plates and Sign Media

Our software, systems and kits have been designed for our own media. LG modified printers have settings specifically written to print on our own media range, offering full colour printing on our film with mono printing available on reflective sheets.


Tennants UK Online Store

Currently our products including software, hardware and the full range of media components are all available to purchase online from our dedicated Tennants UK Shop.

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