Number Plate Media and Part Systems

Our software, complete systems and number plate kits have been designed for our own media.
The printers in our systems are modified and have settings specifically written to perform best on our own media range.

Our plate and sign media use a 2-Part, 3-Part or Reflective part system.
This essentially means combining individual components like backings, film and clear covers, to create a hard wearing composite whole.
Producing yellow number plates using our film sheets will require a badge panel, this ensures colour correction and provides a white background.

Plate Media Sizes

2 Part System

Image showing the 2 part media system components, film and reflective

The number plate or sign design is printed in reverse on one side of the film. This means the print is protected between film and reflective.

Rigid Reflective

This is a rigid plate with reflective on one side and coated with adhesive, this is protected by a covering.

To Combine

Place the reflective plate adhesive side up and place the film with the printed side towards the reflective on top.

Line up and join the edge near the rollers and when feeding through a jig the adhesive covering is slowly removed, allowing the two parts to bond together.

3 Part System

Picture showing the components that make up the 3 part media system
Acrylic Panel

This is a rigid transparent panel with a self adhesive coating protected by a removable cover.


The design is printed onto one side of this film, which is then sandwiched between the backing and acrylic.

Reflective Backing

This is a plate or sheet with reflective on one side coated with wet adhesive, protected by a film covering.

To Combine

First place the reflective, adhesive side up and place the film on top printed side towards the reflective.
Line up and join one edge and when feeding through a jig slowly peel away the adhesive covering.

Then place this, film face up with the acrylic panel on top, self-adhesive facing down. Once again when joining together peel away the adhesive's protective covering.

Reflective System

Image showing the two parts of the reflective media system, reflective sheet and acrylic
Acrylic Panel

A clear and rigid panel with an adhesive coating, protected by film.

Reflective Sheet

This sheet has reflective on one side and the number plate or design is printed directly onto this.

Our reflective media system is currently limited to black only, we recommend using pre-printed sheets when side badges are required.

To Combine

Place the reflective sheet printed side up and put the acrylic on top with its adhesive coating facing down.

Line up and join the starting edges and when feeding through a jig slowly peel away the film covering the adhesive, allowing the two parts to bond together.

Media Sizes

We have grouped our number plate and sign media into commonly used sizes.
Plate and panel media are generally rigid with film and reflective sheets being flexible and printable using our systems.

Click the button below to go to a media listing page, where you will see a "at a glance" representation of the media sizes
We can also provide media for custom sizes and shapes, with lipped version of number plates available.

Plate & Sign Media