LG Plates Features

Take a look below at the features and capabilities of the LG Plates software, all combine to simplify licence plate production.
The pre-set templates, based on selected media size, automatically fulfill the legal requirements for UK road legal number plates.

Text fields offer easy data entry and one click options offer quick design options for side badges and supplier indentifiers.
Your number plate designs can be created and then saved so you can just load them up when you need them.

Image showing the compliancy on number plate text size and spacing
Font Type, Space & Size

The software's built in templates fulfill the UK legal requirements for text field placement, font type, size, colour and spacing. Altering selected plate size automatically adjusts the text size and spacing so it continues being compliant.

Picture showing a plate with GB side badge with coach line
Side Badge & Coach Line

Features include pre-set positioning for badge and the coach line, with pre-defined gaps for BS number and the suppliers identifier. Coach line colour can be altered via a colour palette with the gap spacing also being adjustable.

Production Friendly

Open, create and save number plate designs that fully utilise the features of the software, to print a batch of plates just comma separate the reg-numbers.

Full Colour

Design and preview using full colour side badges, coach lines and manufacturer identifiers or logo's.

Batch Printing

Create or load a pre-configured plate design, then enter comma separated licence registrations to print a batch of plates.


Text fields, font sizing, text colour and badge locations are all pre-set for regulation compliancy and these alter automatically based on plate size.


Features include one click options and pre-positioning, all helping to simplify the production of road legal number plates.

LG Plates System Requirements

LG Plates software has been designed to run on entry level hardware, allowing its use on a wide range of systems.
For a detailed breakdown of the specification required to run the software, take a look at the system requirements page.

Plates Requirements