Software Tour

The screen shots below show a tour of the LG Plates software in use, highlighting the pre-set templates and functions.
The software simplifies number plate production by presenting one click design options and automating font sizing and spacing.

Full usage instructions covering all features and functions are available in the manual, which can be found on the installation disc.
We only guarantee the plates created, when the software is used with our systems, media and our printers only using genuine consumables.

Screenshot of LG Plates start up
LG Plates

The software uses a split screen display with an options and settings bar on top of a plate preview with a 'What You See Is What You Get' display.

Image of plate size selection
Plate Size

Select a plate size from the drop down menu, which is populated with imperial sizes and our media part codes. The plate preview window will change to show the size change.

Image of registration number being input
Registration Number

Enter the plates registration number in the text field, the letters and numbers are all automatically set to uppercase. The plate preview changes corresponding with each letter or number added.

Text entered automatically fulfills the UK legal requirements for font type, size, colour and letter spacing. To create batch runs of a plate design enter the reg numbers here, but comma separate them.

Close up image of the font type button
Font Variant

Click the font button to cycle through the available legal font variants, which were included when the software was installed.

Detail image showing the side badge button and the images folder
Side Badges

To use a side badge, click the checkbox and then click the browse button which opens a window with the installed plate badges. The window auto defaults to the location of the included plate badges.

Badges are automatically positioned and sized according to chosen plate or media size.

Picture of the coach line features and the colour palette
Coach Line

To show a coach line or border on a number plate, tick the coach line checkbox.

To alter colour select the nearby box which toggles the colour palette on/off. The gaps can be increased or decreased using the gap counter located within this option panel.

Image showing the BS number toggle button
British Standard Number

Select the British Standard Number on a number plate by ticking the BS Number checkbox, positioning is taken care of automatically.

Close up on the text field for placing manufactuers information

To include a manufacturer identifier, browse to and select the image to use.
Alternately to use text, enter the details in the text field below the registration number.

Options are provided to alter font size, type and colour. This text can be set to use any default or system installed system font.

Systems and Kits

Our complete systems and kits include all the components needed to help users design and produce road legal number plates.
LG systems, media and software are designed to function together, providing a simple but effective solution to number plate production.

Kits and Systems