LG Signs Features

Below are listed just some of the features and capabilities of our Signs software.
Open, create and save designs, choose document or canvas size from a drop down menu auto-populated with our media sizes.

Tabbed controls contain options for text, images and backgrounds, with advanced functions to control layering or the stacking of design elements.

Image showing multiple text types and colours
Use Any System Font

5 input fields allow inserting text at multiple points using different font types, with support for any font installed on the system and the use of a full colour palette.

Picture showing multiple elements which combine together to create a design
Multiple Image Sources

Combine several images in a design, include up to four separate image sources. Options are then provided to move, resize, tile and align each picture.

Intuitive and User Friendly

Tabbed options and their simple control layout make the software easy to use and will be instantly familiar to most PC users.

Full Colour

Text and font work, borders and backgrounds, imported images and backgrounds in full colour, with support for image transparencies.

Manipulate Images

Insert images into a design and use an array of positioning options and features, including stretch, tile, flip, rotate and resize.

Layer Images

Import multiple images into a design with the images layering or stacking on top each other, the first stacked at the bottom and the last the top.

Multiple Coachlines

Include several coachlines with different border styles, colours and widths, or use this feature to add colour fills with or without borders.

LG Signs System Requirements

Our software is designed to run on entry level PC hardware, this allow its use on a wide range of systems.
For a detailed breakdown of the specification required to run our software, take a look at the system requirements.

Signs Requirements