Signs Software Tour

The screen shots below show a tour of the LG Signs software, highlighted are the control tabs and their options.
Possibilities for designs are endless, due to multiple insert points for text and images, each capable of individual tweaking.

Full usage instructions covering all features and functions are available in the manual, which can be found on the installation disc.
Just like our plates software, we only guarantee printed designs when using our systems, media and genuine printer consumables.

Screenshot of LG Signs software
LG Signs

The software uses a split display with an options and settings bar on top of a design preview, a 'What You See Is What You Get' display instantly shows changes to the design.

Image of media size selection
Media or Plate Size

Choose media size from a drop down menu, which is populated with our compatible media but with options to set a custom canvas size.

Image of text and font controls tab
Text Controls

Here a view of the options available under the text tab. Multiple text insertion fields are displayed alongside features to alter font type, colour, position and size.

Picture showing a range of text and font options
Font Work

Each text field can be treated independently of the others, almost any font installed on the user system can be used and coloured via the pop-out palette. With stacking or layering available by using the text fields 1 to 6 entry order.

A detailed image showing the image insertion and positioning controls
Image Controls

This detailed view of the images tab shows the controls and options available to insert, position, size and even apply transparencies on the images in your design. Up to four pictures can be used including an overall background image.

Insertion of an image into a design using lg signs
Insert Image or Background

To insert an image into a design, click the browse button which opens a file viewer. This is used to find and select the picture to use with the tick check boxes on the left hand side used to toggle on and off the image.

Close up image of the image entry fields
Layer or Stack Images

Images inserted into a design can be layered or stacked on top of each other by using the order they are inserted, with the last becoming the highest or the last in the stack.

Picture of the coach line features and the colour palette
Coach Lines

This screenshot shows the controls available under the coach tab. The left panel lists the borders and allows adding more, with controls on the right to set colours, size and border corners.

Image showing the BS number toggle button

To add a coach line just click the add button and use the options to style as required. Extra borders stack automatically like images, or set them individually using the layer option.

Close up on the text field for placing manufactuers information
Background Fills

As well as adding multiple coach lines, it is possible to set fill colours with or without borders and these can also be stacked or layered as required.

Systems and Kits

Take a look at our complete systems which include all the components needed to design and produce plates and signs.
LG systems includes hardware, software and media designed to function together, providing a simple effective solution to sign and plate production.

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