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Showroom plate and custom sign design software


Signs and Plates Software

LG Signs builds on and enhances our plate software, users can combine and manipulate multiple elements and images to create a design.
Forecourts can produce showplates to match vehicle models or sites can produce safety notices and advertising as wanted.

Bundled with signs is our plates software, which allows users to quickly produce plates and see at a glance whether they comply with road legal requirements.
This software along with our modified printers and our media range, is all you need to start designing and producing signs yourself.

LG Signs software disc and case
Showroom Plates

Support for system installed fonts, multiple text fields and images combine to give users the options needed to make plates for shows, vehicle forecourts and more.

Bespoke Signs

Choose a media size, combine multiple images and components together to create an array of signs, safety notices and information boards.

Road Legal Plates

Our Plates software is also bundled with LG Signs. With Plates, number plates can be created quickly and still meet compliancy requirements.

LG Signs Software

LG Signs software and systems are available to purchase online, with upgrades for older versions, replacement discs and licences for extra users.
Remember, if you are going to produce road legal number plates you will need to be registered with the DVLA.

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Show Plates and Signs Software

The built in features of the software allow users to combine and manipulate multiple design elements, make colour changes and even save designs for later use.
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