LG Systems and Kits

Our systems and kits provide solutions to number plate production or sign creation and manufacture.
Both complete systems and kits contain our core components of design software and modified printer.

When you choose a complete system, you receive a LG System laptop with your components.
The laptop comes with an OS and your LG software pre-installed, fully updated and configured for immediate use.

LG Plates software running on a laptop
Design Software

LG software streamlines road legal number plate production or allows users to create vehicle show-plates and signs.

Modified Printer

The printers used in our kits and systems are firmware modified in house, enabling them to print on our film and reflective sheets.

System Laptop

The laptops included in our complete systems come with a Windows operating system and your chosen LG software pre-installed and configured.

If you are looking to produce UK road legal plates our LG Plate System provides all the equipment needed to get you started.
All systems or kits come with a media sample pack which provides enough media to print several number plates or signs.

Alignment and Roller Jigs

Our systems and kits do not come with an alignment jig included, jigs and cold rollers are used to combine media components and complete the production process.
We offer three models complete with rollers to choose from, a starter, economy and premium version.

Alignment Jigs